Is China on its way to global supremacy, and if so, at what cost for developing countries?

“The ambition is immense” – one economist explains in their analysis of ‘What is China’s Belt and Road initiative?’ (BRI). The strategy launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, involves supplying trillions of dollars as part of an infrastructure project to reroute global trade. For instance, gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea to China. It […]

It is not overpopulation that is killing our planet, it is overconsumption.

Every year the Global Footprint Network calculates the Earth Overshoot Day or Earth Debt Day. This is the date that marks when humanity’s resource consumption for the year had exceeded Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. In 1987, the first year in which the EOD was calculated, the date of this surplus was […]


My parents recall being warned about climate change. They were told to be ecologically conscious, for their actions were shaping the planet they were leaving behind for their grandchildren. Today, this future is much nearer than they thought. My parents, and even my grandparents, will live through the consequences of our hyper-consumerist, irresponsible lifestyles. Indeed, […]

Choke’a-Cola? Coca-Cola.

Is Coca-Cola failing to take adequate responsibility of the quality and safety of their products being sold abroad?   One case in Nigeria would suggest otherwise, portraying Coca-Cola as a company bound by no moral obligation. In March 2017, a high court judge in Nigeria, Justice Adedayo Oyebanji, ruled that soft drinks under the Coca-Cola […]