History Matters: Iran

By Jane Doe Iran has recently been in the news, embroiled in a dizzying array of geopolitical events, tragedies, and exchanges. The progression of events has been rapid fire, difficult to keep up with and even more difficult to understand in a way that doesn’t perpetuate problematic biases or certain naivete pertaining to Iran. However, […]

The Taiwanese election result is a bittersweet victory for Hong Kongers

By Ruth Wetters, BA Chinese (Modern & Classical) Last week, the incumbent Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen was re-elected with a 58% vote  share for the Democratic Progressive Party, running on a platform of freedom from Chinese aggression. In her acceptance speech, Tsai stated unequivocally that ‘democratic Taiwan, and our democratically-elected government, will not concede to […]

Leavers and Lefties Beware: disunity shall be your peril!

By Yusha Jung BA Arabic and English The upcoming general election will largely be determined by the singularly stubborn issue of Brexit. To an unprecedented extent, voters are ignoring the social/economic policies laid out in party manifestos and thinking up tactical ways to vote in a government that will deal with Brexit in a way […]


By Claire Dujardin, MSc International Politics Happy Birthday to you, Gilets Jaunes! It’s been over a year since 17 November 2018, when 282,000 of you demonstrated across the country. The discourse in the media or in everyday conversation seems to recount, either with anger or some kind of nostalgia those Saturdays of chaos as if […]