Children of a Lesser God

Arooj Sultan, BA Economics and Politics Co-Editor in Chief at the SOAS Spirit Asia Bibi’s case, perhaps more so than any other of its kind, has become symbolic of Pakistan’s relationship to blasphemy. The case has a long and bloody history. Those who have dared to defend her were either silenced forever or forced to […]

The Troubles Facing Alaska Natives

Streisand Neto, MSc International Politics When we think of Alaska, what springs to mind are snow and Sarah Palin. However, what I unearthed is something striking and sinister. “I don’t think the state of Alaska takes sexual assault seriously” according to Elizabeth Williams, the Founder of the “No More Free Passes Campaign”. What Elizabeth Williams […]

Is Celebrity Culture Political? Zionism Prevails in Hollywood, Again

Yasmin Elsouda, BA International Relations Whether or not celebrity culture should be politicised is incessantly debated in the media. Is Kanye crazy? Shouldn’t Kaepernick just stick to sports? Why is Kim in The White House? The notion that popular culture is somehow isolated from the rest of the world and does not intersect with politics […]