Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanction and Debate

For, Anonymous Seventy years, three wars, two peace accords, countless ceasefires and casualties later, little has changed for the Palestinian people. Through continuous violence, compromise and half-hearted plurality, Israeli land grabbing and humanitarian violations seem to be the only constants. Amid the graveyard of failed policies and crippled resolutions, a grassroots movement has emerged as […]

The Silent Majority: Why Iranians Didn’t Vote

By Joshua Mock, BA Arabic and Persian On 21 February Iranians voted in the Republic’s eleventh parliamentary elections, yielding a landslide victory for conservatives in the 290-Seat majlis. However, the country saw its lowest turn-out since the 1979 Revolution with ballot boxes being boycotted by reformists. The mass disqualification of reformists and incumbents, paired with […]

The Bernie Miracle: Can Sanders Win the Elections?

By Rose Sauvage de Brantes, BA English and Japanese In the past  weeks, an unlikely candidate has propelled himself into solid frontrunner status among the Democrats in the U.S. presidential elections. Since his overwhelming victory in Nevada. Bernie Sanders has morphed into the most likely rival to Donald Trump in the upcoming November duel. However, […]

Government unveils new points based immigration system

By Ryan Prosser, BA Chinese (Modern and Classical) The Government has set out its stall for immigration beyond Brexit. The proposals, which will come into effect at the end of the Brexit transition period, will see EU citizens who previously benefited from freedom of movement, treated equally with those from Non EU member states.  The […]