Visible Muslim Women in the Public Eye.

Yasmin Elsouda, BA International Relations A couple of weeks ago Nour Tagouri, a Libyan-American journalist, activist and documentary producer was invited to speak at a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) panel on diversity and inclusion. Sounds great, progressive one might say. But here’s the thing: Tagouri is a visible Muslim woman, she wears a headscarf […]

Fake News: Read All About It

Tamara Harvey, BA Politics and International Relations Last December SOAS Unicef on Campus Society was targeted by international media. They were inundated by requests for articles, radio and television appearances. A comedian’s tweet about an event the society was planning, and which he had agreed to perform at, re-ignited a national debate on perceived threats […]

Is 2019 The Year of Breaking All Glass Ceilings?

Alexandra Bate, BA Social Anthropology and History of Art Photo Credit: @martinschoeller, @vanityfair On January 3, the winners of the 2017 November midterm elections were sworn into their official seats in US Congress, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. This marks a historic moment for an unquantifiable amount of diverse interests […]

“Me Me Me Millennials”: We Need You (because we’re terrified of becoming irrelevant)

Monika Radojevic, MSc Development Studies In the recent misjudged advertising campaign by the British Army, ‘snowflakes’, ‘selfie addicts’ and ‘binge gamers’ have been targeted for recruitment, with the ‘politically correct’ adverts focusing on the positive side of being a selfie addict (confidence) or a snowflake (compassion). This follows a trend of the military institution targeting […]

Palestinian Activism is Not Anti-Semitism!

By: Benjamin Jackson, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development Supporting Palestinian rights or being a moderate activist in support of Palestinian nationalism is not anti-Semitic, nor is it a crime. Yet recent events in the US suggest otherwise. In September last year, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) in Alabama awarded world-renowned scholar, activist and author […]

The Resurgence of Russia in Africa

Byline: Streisand Neto, MSc International Politics During the height of the Cold War, the former Soviet Union had considerable importance and ties with different states in Africa, for example, Congo and Angola, where conflicts were apparent: the Soviet Union worked closely with factions in preserving their communist ideals. However, at the end of the Cold […]