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Lonely Spirits – January


You are the hansini

Oh meri hansini

May this new year be ever so liberating for you to do what cannot be done

To spread those swan wings and fly

And to fly along – I will try 🙂



I just wanted to send all my love to my favourite editor, your piece of work is absolutely stunning. I always look forward to our weekly catch-ups full of gossip and deep talks about Spanish politics or colonization. I will forever cherish our first “meeting” at Russell Square park, the beginning of this amazing journey. I am very lucky to have met you at this stage of our lives, and for being able to witness you growing so much as a person. Love you my friend.

Your Andalusian friend



You are like the coolest person I know. Your kindness, strength and beauty shines through onto everyone you meet. Me and my friends often sit down and just talk about how great we all think you are.

Keep making SOAS a brighter place! X



To a guy in his third year BA Chinese, you probably know who is writing this. I wish I could have the courage to come and say hi. I want you to know that just seeing you makes my day brighter.



Thank you Jack from CISD, for your contributions to we students from International Studies and Diplomacy. You help me a lot in learning and dealing with crisis. Really hope to have success together in Economics and Security.



How to explain?

That it is not the amount

Of Arabic tutoring that makes you

One of the best of the team.

But rather, your love for teaching,

Which is felt by all your students

Through the years.

To thank you for each smile given

In the corridor when we cross your way,

Or for each reassurance you had provided

When exams where close,

Even the way you soften our heart

Upon your regular “tea time”

Will never be enough to expose

Our admiration for you.

The sun shines through its ray,

You shine through your knowledge,

And those who are lucky,

To have met you,

Will merci your radiance.

From all your Arabic students.

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