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Emma Louise Loffler, LLM Human Rights Law, Conflict and Justice

“Green Book” is exactly how white, the Oscars still are. Four years after the hashtag, and efforts by the academy at diversity, we have a “Black Panther” nomination, and two black people winning in supporting roles; all whilst white stars take the leads. This should not be ignored.

And at the forefront, of the great Oscars showcasing of great black talent is “Green Book”. A film about exactly that — how white people used, showcased, and even celebrated black talent, whilst still allowing structural racism to continue whilst not on the stage. We are not so different, is the message we’re supposed to take from “Green Book”, except we still are. Black people are still only winning in the supporting roles, and “Green Book” is basically still a win for white people, showcasing black talent, and trying to say “we’re not so racist after all”. It is the great black win, for four white men, where Mahershala Ali is their talent, and stories of racism fuel and enable their win.

It is not so far to say they have appropriated a struggle and used it for their own means and power (Oscar win), abusing and disinheriting their very portrait of a man’s family. I don’t know what to say, other than #OscarsSTILLsowhite; you can’t just expect to throw some color in and be done.

Credits: Universal Pictures


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