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Radical Bookshops

In an age where the novelty of books is wearing off, radical bookshops are standing the test of time. Check out our Spirit approved list of independent booksellers below!

  • 56A Infoshop (Walworth, South London)
    volunteer-run DIY social centre
    They offer a library archive of 1,400 books and 50,000 pamphlets, support for squatters, and a welcoming social space.
    Subjects include trans-inclusive feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-fascism, queer politics, environmentalism, anarchism, anti-capitalism, squatting, and self-care.
  • Al-Saqi Bookshop (Paddington, West London)
    seller of Middle Eastern and Arabic-language books
  • Bookmarks (Bloomsbury, Central London)
    largest socialist bookshop in the UK
    Described by influential socialist politician Tony Benn as β€œthe university for activists,”
    Specialising in Marxist theory, economics, and socialist theory.
  • Housman’s Bookshop (King’s Cross, North London)
    specialises in radical and progressive politics and stock the largest range of radical newsletters and newspapers in the UK.
    They host two book clubs a month: one political and one for feminist sci-fi.
  • Shalimar Books (Kennington, South London)
    A leading UK supplier of Indian books.
  • The Feminist Library (Southwark, South London)
    Volunteer-run and one one of the largest feminist collections in the country, the library also runs a feminist bookshop.
  • The Calder Bookshop and Theatre (Southwark, South London)
    specialises in political theory and theatre. It has a small theatre of its own offering political and drama workshops and a community rehearsal space.

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