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By Abida Tasnim, BA Economics

Dear Nappers of SOAS,

After all the amazing support and love shown at the Freshers Fayre, the team at Nap Society wanted to issue an official thank you piece – we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the pouches of dried lavender and lavender infused sleep masks. What better way to start the academic year than with a good night’s sleep? 

For those who have not heard of us, Nap Society is a brand-new society inspired by the ultimate student struggle – sleep deprivation. The main aim of Napsoc is to highlight the importance of sleep and taking care of your well-being. We aim to provide SOASians with safe and comfortable designated napping areas around the university campus, with some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your sleep. When the struggles of university deadlines really hit, and you really need to de-stress, you can go take a quick power nap in these designated napping zones.

Essentially, we are here to provide a service we wish we had ourselves throughout our years at SOAS. With the support of the student body, we hope to not only facilitate a healthy napping culture, but also provide you with much needed education on the importance of sleep optimisation. If your routine resembles something similar to sleeping throughout the day and waking up either 4 hours or 12 hours later, then this is the society for you. Together, we can help find a healthy balance between the two extremes. Our dedicated team of professional Nappers are here to guide you through the process to fulfill your dreams (not only the ones at night!) and help you achieve the best sleep possible.

Stay up to date with our activities so that you do not miss out again! As a heads up for all the Spirit readers…we may have some exam packs filled with sleepy goodness coming your way (but not too fast because we’re still recovering from the last exam season). 

If you would like to become a fellow avid supporter, request to become a member by sending your student ID number to @soasnapsoc on Instagram or by signing up as a member on our Facebook page @soasnapsoc. 

We will leave you with the wise words of Mesut Barazany – “Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”

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