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SOAS Student Street Style

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Francis “My favourite item that I’m wearing is this coat because it as affordable.”

Roza “I really like trench coats – I fell in love with this one because it’s thick, raw denim, and it’s really structured. I like how this denim coat has body to it – the silhouette is different from your average denim jacket.”

George “My style is a mixture of streetwear, Japanese Americano, Japanese street style, and Scandi and British minimalism and workwear. The main thing I like in my outfit is my Universal Works trousers. I really like Universal Works as a brand because they do a modern take on traditional work wear items. They really play with their silhouettes – so you get really baggy silhouettes with a nice taper.”

Caroline “My staple piece for the winter is my big coat – I wear it every day. I like how it’s so big and long, and it makes me feel really confident  and powerful when I’m walking in the street – like I’m not hiding.”

Lucy “My favourite item that I’m wearing is my tote bag – it’s from my home country, Myanmar. It’s my friend’s brand – it’s called Living Freaks. I modeled for them when I was there so they gave me a bag and it’s become my favourite piece.”

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