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 Songs of the Tigris

By Amaar Baloch, BA History

Along flows the Tigris,

Carrying with her the weight of the world.

Unrequited love,

Unfulfilled dreams,

Undeserved pain,

From countless centuries come and gone and yet to arrive.

She thinks to herself:

“Perhaps this is the last load, and my people can finally be at rest”.

“Perhaps this current is the one to finally put to an end my quest”.

This is a lament almost as old as the river herself,

And is one she will continue to tell.

For her people’s pain is a heavy burden,

And not one this earthly domain can fathom.

But alas,

The river’s love is endless, selfless even.

She does not ask nor does she receive much in return.

And just like her waters,

She will continue to toil.

Along will flow the Tigris,

Carrying with her the weight of the world

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