Four Pledges: Syria’s Rebellious Women

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Zaina Erhaim, hailing from Idlib, Syria, has spent 9 years in the field of journalism, reporting largely in print and online news media. Once the revolution of her homeland turned to civil war, with each day casualties and displaces persons growing in their tens and hundreds, Erhaim decided that […]

Documentary Screenings Reign in Bloomsbury

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Living in Dinwiddy last year, I walked to Russell Square everyday through a, I’m sure, familiar route to the readers of this paper. After a too-early morning walk through our local graveyard-turned-park, I would arrive onto the street adjacent to the Brunswick Centre. For the majority of the year, […]

Plot for Peace

“Plot for Peace” is a cleverly-built documentary which focuses on the role an enigmatic French businessman, Jean-Yves Ollivier, played in bringing about the end of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. Replete with secret meetings, tense moments and a lot of backdoor diplomacy, the documentary has all […]