Egyptian flag at rally

Massive Crackdown following Protests in Egypt

In the aftermath of the recent protests, Egypt is undergoing the biggest wave of arrests under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule. Over 3000 people have been detained In the past three weeks. While the demonstrations came as a shock for the Egyptian government, their harsh oppression has ended the short-lived political movement, at least for now.

A Radical Story

An interview with Jack Shenker on the topic of his first book, ‘The Egyptians: A Radical Story,’ published by Allen Lane / Penguin in January 2016, the Egyptian revolution, and journalism. Atika Dawood, BA Arabic and Linguistics Atika Dawood: I’ll start with a cliché, were you always interested in journalism? Jack Shenker: “When I was […]

Sisi elected in landslide win

Tom King, BA Politics Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has secured at least 96% of the vote in Egypt’s presidential election, according to state media. Sisi, a former military officer, played a leading role in the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi last year. He faced just one other candidate – Hamdeen Sabahi –  in the […]