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From SOAS to City Hall? David Lammy addresses Labour’s ‘real challenges’ in his bid to lead London

Policy Exchange [CC BY 2.0] Tom King, BA Politics David Lammy has been a busy man. Defending his Tottenham parliamentary seat while touring the capital campaigning in key marginals to raise his profile in the race to be the next Mayor of London. Ahead of the dissolution of Parliament, he welcomed The SOAS Spirit to […]

Greeks strike blow to Eurozone austerity

Tom King, BA Politics  Syriza has topped the polls in Greece’s snap election to oust the conservative New Democracy government from power. The far left party have pledged to end “the humiliation of austerity” which was imposed as part of a Eurozone bailout agreement. The International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank deal has seen huge public […]

Sisi elected in landslide win

Tom King, BA Politics Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has secured at least 96% of the vote in Egypt’s presidential election, according to state media. Sisi, a former military officer, played a leading role in the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi last year. He faced just one other candidate – Hamdeen Sabahi –  in the […]

European results are a warning for Labour

Tom King, BA Politics As Labour strive to be in opposition for just one term, the party leadership has walked a tightrope between opposing unpopular cuts which have battered working class people and largely backing an ‘austerity-lite’ package to wipe out the deficit and run a budget surplus in a bid to win ‘economic credibility’. […]

SOAS student wins council seat

Tom King, BA Politics Third year Adam Jogee won a seat on Haringey Council last night, representing the ward of Hornsey. Jogee topped the poll with 1,967 votes and was elected alongside his Labour Party colleagues Jennifer Mann and Elin Weston. Labour made gains across Haringey; taking 14 seats from the Liberal Democrats who now […]