Volcanic Eruption Causes Devastating Tsunami in Indonesia

Benjamin Jackson, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development On the 22 December, Indonesia was once again staring down the barrel as the archipelago was hit by another natural disaster; years of reconstruction now lay ahead. Anak Krakatau, a volcano which lies off the Sunda Strait and Indonesian islands Java and Sumatra, erupted leading to a devastating […]

Is the president of Indonesia really listening to Napalm Death?

Jake Leyland, MSc Globalisation and Development What is the connection between the president of Indonesia and a grindcore band? Jake Leyland explains all. The Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, AKA Widodo, or ‘Jokowi’, is a refreshing figure in the political history of Indonesia. He is the first successful presidential candidate from outside the tight-knit political and […]