There’s an Important Conversation to be Had About Decolonizing the Curriculum. Shame the BBC isn’t Willing to Have it.

Kitty Walsh, BA History and World Philosophies “Ideological propaganda”. Apparently, that’s all the movement to decolonize the curriculum really amounts to, or so says journalist Melanie Phillips in her column for The Times. That or “Marxist gibberish”, that is itself “sinister and wrong”. But on what basis exactly? Well, on a recent episode of BBC […]

Turkish Media Prepares for Further Crackdown After Elections

Lara Sarlak, MA Anthropology and Media The results of the previous Turkish general elections in June 2015 had many people carried away by the illusion of possible change. A pro-minority party, the HDP, had managed to pass the arbitrary electoral threshold and Erdoğan’s AKP had finally had its majority displaced. Yet over the past few months, Erdoğan has been extremely consistent in frightening the peoples of Turkey: […]

The Sun should have changed ‘Page 3’ long ago

Paloma Rao, LLB A few weeks ago, Rupert Murdoch, business magnate and CEO of News Corporation, tweeted the possibility that his newspaper, The Sun, may soon follow the example set by its Irish edition in August 2013 where ‘traditional’ Page 3 content – topless glamour models – was replaced with more tasteful images of a […]