Election Interviews: Activities and Events

This year The SOAS Spirit decided to go further in our election coverage. The SOAS Students’ Union elections can be intimidating, whether you’re a candidate or just a regular student voter. Campaigning is intense, with much of candidates’ success being weighted on who has the widest friendship circle or the best ability to produce a […]

The Music of the Calais Migrants

Ed Emery It all starts with the drum. Not just any old drum but the darbuka drum. It has a long-standing, ancient history in the Mediterranean and Arab world. I am an ethnomusicologist, and I do musical research at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. SOAS for short. The drum… is my methodology. Tamburology, I like to call […]

Is the president of Indonesia really listening to Napalm Death?

Jake Leyland, MSc Globalisation and Development What is the connection between the president of Indonesia and a grindcore band? Jake Leyland explains all. The Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, AKA Widodo, or ‘Jokowi’, is a refreshing figure in the political history of Indonesia. He is the first successful presidential candidate from outside the tight-knit political and […]