Human of SOAS: Notes Edition

In conversation with Yijia  This series seeks to highlight the talent and stories of women musicians of colour at SOAS. Sasha Patel, BA History and South Asian Studies (Hindi Pathway) Tell us about yourself, what do you play?  I’m Yijia, a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. I prefer to use my voice and own creativity as my […]

In conversation with Edith WeUtonga

Sasha Patel, BA History and South Asian Studies (Hindi Pathway) So, tell us a bit about yourself. What do you play, what’s your style? I’m Edith Katiji, leader of Edith WeUtonga, a self-taught bassist. I started as part of an all female band from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, which was a project funded to train women musically. […]

Election Interviews: Activities and Events

This year The SOAS Spirit decided to go further in our election coverage. The SOAS Students’ Union elections can be intimidating, whether you’re a candidate or just a regular student voter. Campaigning is intense, with much of candidates’ success being weighted on who has the widest friendship circle or the best ability to produce a […]

The Music of the Calais Migrants

Ed Emery It all starts with the drum. Not just any old drum but the darbuka drum. It has a long-standing, ancient history in the Mediterranean and Arab world. I am an ethnomusicologist, and I do musical research at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. SOAS for short. The drum… is my methodology. Tamburology, I like to call […]