Four Pledges: Syria’s Rebellious Women

2 years ago Mel Plant 0
Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Zaina Erhaim, hailing from Idlib, Syria, has spent 9 years in the field of journalism, reporting largely in print and online news media. Once the revolution of her homeland turned to civil war, with each day casualties and displaces persons growing in their tens and hundreds, Erhaim decided that Read More

‘I Would Rather Die Than Stay In Turkey’

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
This is what one of my Syrian friends told me as he waited for a smuggler to take him to Greece. This is a personal report of life against the odds in Turkey. This article is anonymously written and all names have been changed. The hotel room’s air conditioning is hardly strong, but it’s a relief from Read More

Bleak winter for refugees in the Middle East

3 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish  Last winter saw the Middle East coated in an unprecedented amount of snow. Social media was flooded with images of snow-fights at the Dome of the Rock, with major cities like Cairo covered in snow for the first time in a hundred years. Many in the ramshackle refugee camps Read More

Why has money run out for the World Food Programme and Syrian refugees?

3 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Luke McManus, BA Arabic and Social Anthropology  On the 1st of December, the World Food Program (WFP) was forced to suspend its food aid scheme for more than 1.6 million Syrian refugees because of a funding crisis, citing the need for an extra $64m before the operation could be restarted. This news could not have Read More