Peace of Art

By Aisha Fatima, BA Social Anthropology (Hons) All these colourful forces might at first seem as if they are at war with each other but are truly working in harmony to create peace.  Reference taken from Laura Barbosa.

The winning entry of the ‘Enough is Enough: Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week’ poetry competition

By: Anonymous Memories of that moment remain suspended around me like fractured glass Twelve I The first time it happened, I had walked with his crying wife, she wasn’t sure she would ever be a mother. I reassured her she could play dress up with me  for as long as she liked. She laughed, but […]

Who Dares Question the EU?

By Amelia Casey-Rerhaye, BA Arabic Since 2020, EU nations have used illegal operations to push back 40,000 asylum seekers in the Mediterranean. An investigation by the Guardian linked these actions to the deaths of over 2,000 refugees. I would like to introduce you to Front-LEX, an organisation dedicated to holding the EU and the European […]