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Agnes Adebisi Olowogboye



What is your background?

  • During my A-levels I was the student rep for my class.
  • Secretary of SOAS African and Caribbean Society (2014-15).
  • Treasurer / advertising officer of SOAS Speak-Out Society (2013-15).
  • Volunteer at Mary Ward Legal Centre, Debt Team (2014 – present).
  • I campaigned for Wings of Hope Association (WOHAA), which helped children in Malawi and India for access to better education
  • Received the Achievement Award by London Schools and the Black Child.
  • Achieved the Envision award which showed my commitment and teamwork skills.
  • Achieved an award for completing a mediation skills program from Conflict and Change Resolution (Truce 20/20).

What are the two most pressing issues facing students on campus today?

  1. Marking system – We need a better marking system for coursework. Marking should be anonymous and feedback should be given. SOAS teachers seem to have come to the habit of providing merely one liner feedback which is not enough to ensure the development of students and highlight to students their areas of strength and weakness.
  2. Student welfare – This is an important issue SOAS has failed to address proactively. Cutting student counselling funds would have a chilling effect on students who are in need of help.. I want to increase the funds for the student counselling service, it is imperative as we know most students go through stress and may need someone professional to speak to about their issues.

What are your top priorities in this role?

  • Increasing student counselling funds.
  • Introducing a SOAS health clinic once a term.
  • Diversity and campaigns.
  • Reforming the current marking system.
  • Campaign against cuts on disabled student allowance.
  • Justice 4 cleaners.

How can the union improve as an organisation representing such a diverse group of students?

To improve representation of such a diverse group of students the SU needs to ensure that the decision making bodies of the Union represent the needs of disadvantaged groups. The SU needs to create and sustain a positive and welcoming space for all members, visitors and staff. The SU must address pragmatically any attitudinal, organizational, and physical barriers that may prevent equality of opportunity. The SU can improve as an organisation representing diverse groups by increasing awareness within the organisation of the needs of disadvantaged groups in order to provide more relevant services and prevent discrimination.

What is the most important quality for a member of the union executive to have?

I believe the most important quality a member of the union executive to have is a positive mind-set. I see things positively especially when faced with a challenge, that way the challenge becomes an ambitious mission to complete rather than something merely to overcome.

The recent debate over safe space vs. freedom of speech has been divisive. Do you think that the current safe space policy needs changing?

I believe a balance needs to be struck, you cannot have freedom of speech and a safe space policy without them conflicting with each other. I believe the current safe space policy needs to be defended and students should be made more aware of such policy.

If you could invite any three people (alive or dead) to a party, who would they be?

I would invite Michael Jackson, I wanted to see him perform once in my life. I would invite my sister because both of us together at a party is a blast. Lastly I would invite Beyonce, so that me, her and my sister could recreate independent women. I can see an epic party!!! ☺

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