‘The World is Ending’ and Other Dangerous Myths

By Maliha Shoaib, BA English and World Philosophies Pick your doomsday headline: climate change will destroy the world in 12 years; authoritarianism is spreading all over the globe; systematic inequality is on the rise; future generations are condemned to unlivable conditions; a nuclear war could wipe us all out. The Earth is on fire and […]

AFRICONOMICS:ECO and its Discontents in West Africa

 By Umar Rahman, Bsc Developmental Economics  Plans are underway for 15 West African states (collective population of 385 million) to adopt the single monetary system Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), commonly known as ECO. With ECO due to be implemented in 2020, now is as good a time as ever to define the […]

Boris Johnson: A Representative of the People?

By Chloë Cochran, BA Global Popular Music It’s a trying time to be alive. We are in a climate catastrophe, it seems that violence is more rampant than ever, Brexit is the biggest disaster since the inflation of Freddos and a man resembling a Cheeto in a tupe is sitting in the Oval Office. The […]