Turf War: Student Occupation ahead of UoL Drilling

By Will Durrant, BA History Students occupied the Fourth Quadrant last Thursday in response to news that University of London (UoL) wants to begin drilling on the land. The Fourth Quadrant is the land between Senate House North Block and the Brunei Gallery, and is owned by UoL. UoL hoped to begin exploratory drilling ahead […]

Humans of SOAS: Notes Edition

In conversation with Thandeka Mfinyongo This series seeks to highlight the talent and stories of women musicians of colour at SOAS. By Sasha Patel,  BA History and South Asian Studies Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Thandeka and I’m from South Africa. I play two indigenous instruments, the uhadi and mhrubhe musical bows, which […]

Fighting the Stigma Against Women Football

Samia Abdurahman  Bsc Economics A demeaning issue that some women footballers face alongside the sexism of football are racial and religion discriminations  Sexism still exists in the world of football and there is indeed a stigma surrounding women in sport. As a budding footballer, I myself have experinced the constant shock of people when they […]

Unsung Heroes: The Amazing Achievements of Paralympic Athletes

Milad Abdelhay, Law  Historically, the Paralympic games have always been overlooked in the shadow of the Olympics in previous years. However, in recent times interest in the Paralympic games seems to be growing and the amazing achievements of such brave individuals are being celebrated globally. The rise in popularity is evident through stories of sporting […]