The Gambia takes Myanmar to the top UN court

By Samia Majid, MA History Why is the small West African country known as The Gambia filing a lawsuit against Myanmar at the United Nations top court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ)? The predominantly Muslim country filed for emerency measures against Mynamar’s military, known officially as the Tatmadaw for violating the Genocide Convention of […]

The Commons Reject Labour Amendment to Ensure the Reunion of Child Refugees

By Ryan David Prosser, BA Chinese (Modern and classical) The commitment to reunite child refugees with family members living in the UK after Brexit has been dropped from the EU withdrawal bill, after MPs voted against it with 348 votes to 252.  The proposals to guarantee the settlement of an estimated 4,000 unaccompanied children seeking […]

Renewed Support for Demilitarise SOAS Campaign

By Will Durrant, BA History. The Students’ Union has renewed its support for the Demilitarise SOAS campaign.In a statement sent to members of the Students’ Union earlier this month, Youssra Elmagboul said that the Union finds any partnership between SOAS and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) ‘unacceptable.’The Union statement comes after Decolonising our Minds found […]

Great ‘As Is’: A Review of SOAS Drama Society’s Winter Performance

Katherine Suzette Vizcaino, MSc Violence Conflict & Development “Rich is so terrified of the path to his death that he is constantly trying to push everyone away, while simultaneously being terrified of being alone.” The play ‘As Is’, written by William M. Hoffman, gives a view into the explosion of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the […]