‘Philosophy’ without Religion is a Eurocentric Construct.

If we truly want to decolonise it, we will also have to desecularise it. Esmé Partridge (BA Religion, Culture and Society) In the past decade, we have seen a handful of universities gradually begin to broaden the scope of their Eurocentric Philosophy curriculums. Modules on Buddhist Metaphysics or Confucian Ethics are, at long last, beginning […]

Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanction and Debate

For, Anonymous Seventy years, three wars, two peace accords, countless ceasefires and casualties later, little has changed for the Palestinian people. Through continuous violence, compromise and half-hearted plurality, Israeli land grabbing and humanitarian violations seem to be the only constants. Amid the graveyard of failed policies and crippled resolutions, a grassroots movement has emerged as […]

The message behind Parasite

By Rose Sauvage de Brantes, BA English and Japanese Winner of the Palm d’Or and Oscar for best picture, the Korean movie Parasite dazzled masses across the world. Premiered at the 2018 Cannes Festival, the film stars both established and novice actors, all delivering flawless performances. The film depicts the attempts of a poor family, […]