Gilets Jaunes and the Battle for France’s Economic Future

Arooj Sultan, BA Economics & Politics The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) anti-austerity and anti-government protestors marched for the 10th consecutive weekend, on the 19th of January. An estimated 84,000 people demonstrated against the government. Government buildings were vandalised, rioting broke out at the tomb of Napoleon, and protestors hurled bottles and stones at police. The […]

SOAS Alumni Rally Against Library Cuts

Disclaimer:The SOAS Spirit believes in providing the SOAS community with a platform to voice their thoughts, and given the depth of concern surrounding the library restructuring we at the Spirit are compelled to accurately reflect the sentiment of the SOAS body. To that end we have elected to run this letter, however this letter is […]

Volcanic Eruption Causes Devastating Tsunami in Indonesia

Benjamin Jackson, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development On the 22 December, Indonesia was once again staring down the barrel as the archipelago was hit by another natural disaster; years of reconstruction now lay ahead. Anak Krakatau, a volcano which lies off the Sunda Strait and Indonesian islands Java and Sumatra, erupted leading to a devastating […]

Number of Applications for Irish Passports Skyrocket Ahead of Brexit Deal

Kitty Walsh, BA History and World Philosophies Since Britain voted to leave the European Union in the summer of 2016, applications for Irish passports have skyrocketed. Prior to June’s referendum, the number of applications averaged approximately 46,000 in 2015, a figure that doubled to 81,000 in 2017 and is predicted to increase. One in five […]

Student Takes SOAS SU to Court Over ‘Discriminatory’ Denial of Services

Monika Radojevic, MSc Development Studies A student, who identifies as a white male, complained that SOAS as an institution, “has held events and produced material which directly portrays whiteness and maleness as negative traits”.   A two-year legal dispute between the former student and the SOAS SU continues to simmer as he launches yet another […]

Children’s Charity Comedy Event provokes Comedian

Jeiran Ganiyeva, BA Japanese and Korean Studies Comedian and ‘free-speech’ advocate Konstantin Kisin was one of a group of comedians invited to perform as part of a fundraiser organised by the Unicef society at SOAS, however, he chose not to proceed with the event when asked to sign a behavioural agreement. The agreement asked the […]