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Autumn elections: Results announced

After three days of voting, the results of the Autumn round of elections have been announced.

Co-President Welfare and Campaigns Georgie Robertson has been elected as NUS delegate alongside Anum Mirza.

In the executive officer votes, Tom Oliver has been elected as Accommodation Officer and Tracey-Ann Munroe will serve as Mature Students’ Officer.

295 students voted over the three day election; a turnout that is slightly lower than in previous years. Some students experienced difficulty voting due to problems with enrolment that meant they hadn’t been added to the electoral roll.

Co-President Democracy and Education David Suber said “Unfortunately, given problems related to SOAS Registry not enrolling students in time, mainly in relation to Student Finance delaying the transfer of student fees to the School, a group of students were not able to vote”

“We deeply apologize to any student who has encountered this problem. Unfortunately there was little we could do once elections had started apart from trying to resolve individual cases one by one.”


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