Agony Aunt Column

Dear Agony Aunt, What should you do when looking at the news feels overbearing? Most times, the news stories are bad enough, but it’s the replies, and the rampant hypocrisy that makes it unbearable. Twitter is the worst, and humans can be really despicable creatures behind screens. You grow up learning the values of treating […]

Will Mental Health Services Ever Keep Up with the Ever-Increasing Pressures on Young People?

Agony Aunt Column Capitalism, centred around the need to keep growing and selling, means that feelings of failure add to the existing pressures of job uncertainty and financial instability. “Keeping up with the Jones’”, a phrase used to describe the ongoing pressure to own more, better and more expensive products. However, in this case, “Keeping […]

Regular Column: Auntie Po

Pauline Blanchet is a Third Year Development Studies and Linguistics student. For the past year she has been producing her own podcast about mental health and young people where she has investigated some of the biggest issues young people are facing. The first episode was released on October 10th 2018.   Hi, I’m a first […]