A Radical Story

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An interview with Jack Shenker on the topic of his first book, ‘The Egyptians: A Radical Story,’ published by Allen Lane / Penguin in January 2016, the Egyptian revolution, and journalism. Atika Dawood, BA Arabic and Linguistics Atika Dawood: I’ll start with a cliché, were you always interested in journalism? Jack Shenker: “When I was Read More

How do we define beauty?

2 years ago Atika Dawood 0
Atika Dawood, BA Arabic and Linguistics On Friday 16th October 2015, Meeta Rani Jha hosted a discussion around her new book ‘The Global Beauty Industry: Colorism, Racism and the National Body’, exploring subjects such as the ‘whitewashing’ of the beauty industry, the reaction to Nina Davuluri winning Miss America 2014, and the Black is Beautiful Read More

Escaping Costs of Textbooks

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Nikheel Gorolay, MA Intensive South Asian Studies Freshers can be a strange time. You’ve spent a week settling into your new digs, getting to know people and making friends, and perhaps even spending several nights moving your feet on a sticky dancefloor. And then you come across that reading list you picked up a few Read More

Review: Arifa performs at London Jazz Festival

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Photo: Razvan Danaila Daniel Avis As Arifa took to the stage at the Purcell Room in London, there was an inescapable sense of anticipation among the audience. This was the band’s first foray into London, and it came on November  18th, as part of this year’s London Jazz Festival. After two internationally-acclaimed albums, and a strong Read More

“The Orange Trees of Baghdad”

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By Beth Jellicoe Where do I start? “Orange Trees” is simply exquisite: a tale that understands the complexities of families, the way war and imperialism rip through not only nations but individual hearts, lives and relationships. Raised in Britain and Canada as a third culture child (with an Iraqi father and an English mother) Leilah Read More