The Gambia takes Myanmar to the top UN court

By Samia Majid, MA History Why is the small West African country known as The Gambia filing a lawsuit against Myanmar at the United Nations top court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ)? The predominantly Muslim country filed for emerency measures against Mynamar’s military, known officially as the Tatmadaw for violating the Genocide Convention of […]

ICC opens investigation into Israeli war crimes.

By Samia Majid. MA History Chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, has opened an investigation into Israeli war crimes. These crimes will be investigated in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. According to UN Resolutions, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza, have been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. Bensouda’s announcement […]

Divisive and unconstitutional: The Citizenship Amendment Act, India

By Sasha Patel, History and South Asian Studies On 4 December 2019, India passed a law granting citizenship to refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. However, the law explicitly excludes Muslims. The Hindu Nationalist ruling party of India has made yet another move to link religion with citizenship. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) allows migrants […]