Tunisian elections show rejection of post-revolution politics

Claire Dujardin, MSc International Politics September and October have been politically intense months for Tunisians. They were expected to vote on three different occasions: 15 September for the presidential election; 6 October for the legislative election; and 13 October to choose between two presidential candidates in the second round of the elections. The death of […]

Egyptian flag at rally

Massive Crackdown following Protests in Egypt

In the aftermath of the recent protests, Egypt is undergoing the biggest wave of arrests under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule. Over 3000 people have been detained In the past three weeks. While the demonstrations came as a shock for the Egyptian government, their harsh oppression has ended the short-lived political movement, at least for now.

Protests in Brazil against 30% Cuts in Universities Budget

Gabriel Huland, PhD Media Studies  At the end of April, the Brazilian government announced it would freeze 30% of the 2019 national universities budget as part of an austerity plan to reduce public spending. The cuts totalise BRL2 billion (U$500 million) and will affect discretionary spending in all 63 federal universities in the country. The […]

Trials Start Against Guatemalan Officials Accused of Responsibility for Death of 40 Children

Zahra Banday, BA English TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and violence. In February of 2017 around one hundred children tried to escape Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción, a state-run orphanage in Guatemala, but officials soon found them, rounded them up and took them back to the shelter. They proceeded […]