Priti Patel forced to resign over meetings with Israeli officials

By Zain Hussain, MSc International Politics From the 13th to the 25th August 2017, Priti Patel, The British Secretary of State for International Development visited Israel on a family holiday. However, during that time she met a number of politicians, businesses, tech start-ups and humanitarian NGOs, to learn more about the Israeli approach to technology […]

Cambridge University slammed for ‘censoring’ as SOAS academic barred from BDS Palestine event

By Mahnoor Chaudhry, BA Politics and Economics Cambridge University has been criticised after a SOAS academic was stopped from chairing a controversial event organised by its Palestine and Middle East Society. Dr Rubah Salih, who herself is Palestinian, was due to chair the discussion – entitled ‘BDS and the globalised struggle for Palestinian rights’ – on […]

One month on from the Lower House election, Japan’s political future is uncertain

Although Japan’s general election, which saw Abe Shinzō’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (in fact the conservative establishment choice, despite the name) and its Komeito junior coalition partner barely retain their two-thirds control over the House of Representatives, was held over a month ago, it is still very unclear what path the LDP will decide to […]

Deadliest earthquake of 2017 hits Iraq-Iran Border

By Julia Frances Everett, BA International Relations and Development Studies On 12th November, the border between Iraq and Iran was hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, leaving citizens desperately searching for signs of life amongst the rubble. The earthquake struck 20 miles south of the Iranian city of Halabja at 9:48pm on the 12th November, killing […]

Paradise Papers reveal tax evasion of billions of dollars

By Izzie McIntosh, MSc Migration, Mobility and Development At the beginning of November outlets around the world, including the BBC and the Guardian, released reports on the ‘Paradise Papers’ on offshore tax havens to which they relate. The papers are comprised of 13.4 million records, leaked to German paper Suddeutsche Zeitung, who shared them with the […]

Questions hang over EU Withdrawal Bill

By Edna Mohamed, MA Postcolonial Studies After the Brexit vote in June in which voters chose to leave the European Union, the intensely debated outcome of the vote has introduced questions of how this will work both legally and economically. The EU withdrawal bill, formally known as the ‘Great Repeal Bill’, aims to end the power […]