Noam Chomsky Discusses American Narcissism at SOAS

By Eesa Japal, BA History & Politics On 19 November 2021, Chomsky virtually conversed with participants of the Policy Forum Society at SOAS regarding American hegemonic narcissism. Before the US entered the war, high-level planners and analysts concluded that in the post-war world the United States would seek to hold unquestioned power, to ensure the […]

Testosterone Ban Inaccuracies Open Debate on the Necessity for Sex Testing in Sports

By Chiara Broglia, MA Linguistics Ever since women started competing in their own sport category, the sex of female athletes, particularly those capable of exceptional athletic performance, has been questioned. However, only recent developments pointed out the issue with sex testing, highlighting its discriminatory nature and opening a much deeper conversation on the notion of […]

Managing Academic Expectations as a First-Year Student: CSL Can Make it Work!

By Tabea Leiss, BA International Relations and Development Studies Are you struggling with the academic expectations and demands in your first year at university? You are not alone! The SOAS Collaborative Student Learning (CSL) project can help you manage the work.  Collaborative Student Learning is aimed at giving first-year students the opportunity to improve their […]

Ever wondered where to start? Blog Writing 101 and the SOAS History Blog

By Haritha Balasubramaniyan, BA Global Liberal Arts What do menopausal matriarchs in West Africa, clay tablets in nineteenth century Baghdad and Sudanese music have in common?  Of course they have all been topics of articles in the SOAS History Blog!  ‘… the SOAS History Blog has been creating new ways for resident history enthusiasts to […]