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Chequers is a Brexit Betrayal, but it’s not too Late for Theresa May to get it Right!

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The worst possible Brexit deal is Chequers, a plan set on making the United Kingdom forever subservient to the European Union.

Theresa May’s July 2018 Chequers Proposal stated a two-year period of implementation, after Britain left the EU, would be required. The UK would remain in the customs union, continue free movement of people, and continue paying the EU. But, have no representation in the European Parliament.

Essentially, Britain would become a tributary state, which is not what the British people deserve. This is the great Brexit Betrayal, and needs to be scrapped.

But, hope is not yet lost. If the country rallies behind Theresa May and her original Lancaster House Proposal for Brexit, a plan that would  ensure the UK fully left the EU. To achieve this, Chequers must be scrapped, the Irish border issue must be resolved, and Remoaning social-political elitists must stop undermining the Prime Minister’s authority.

When Theresa May launched her leadership campaign in June 2016, she said, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and that she was going to make a success of it. She promised to make no attempts to remain, with no second vote and no backdoor agreements.

This is the language and stance she needs to adopt now, not the cowering language of Chequers. Leaving the EU means leaving the single market and customs union, ending free movement of people, and taking back control of law making and borders. This is what the country voted for and this is what must be honoured by our government.

That was the proposal made by the Prime Minister in her January 2017 Lancaster House speech. Theresa May also promised there would be no Brexit deal which would leave the UK half-in half-out, yet this is what Chequers aims to do.

With a better and stronger plan outlined in Lancaster, there is no shame in reverting back to the original proposal. But there remains the issue of Ireland and Remoaners.

Ireland has been the make or break factor in Brexit negotiations. No one wants a hard border separating Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. But a completely unmanned borderless region is not possible, unless we allow the EU to annex Northern Ireland.

However, any plan with the construction of a hard border would be voted down by the Democratic Unionist Party, a party which Theresa May relies on to maintain her position.

So, how to solve the problem of the Irish border?

Parliament must understand there need not be a hard border, just an increase in border security to ensure people and goods do not pass freely. Brexit means taking back control of our borders, so why not do so?

The current EU proposal is for a backstop deal, where Northern Ireland would remain in the customs union. The UK cannot and will not accept any proposal which undermines its territorial integrity.

Remoaners, those who seek to defy the will of the British people and hold a second referendum to keep the UK in the EU, is the second obstacle to Theresa May’s success, and this must stop.

People like Sir Simon Robertson, Justine Greening, and Sadiq Khan. Media groups like The Independent, which launched a ‘final say’ petition in July 2018. Organisations like Peoples Vote, established in April 2018 by Chuka Umunna and Sir Patrick Stewart.

All these social-political elitists, who have pushed for a second referendum, should hang their heads in shame. They divide our nation and weaken the Prime Minister’s negotiating stance, all to enhance their own career and standing in society.

Lancaster is the only option for a good deal. If the Prime Minister truly means to make a success of Brexit, then revert. Maintain the territorial integrity and dignity of the UK. Do not cower to the continental bureaucrats. Otherwise, our country will become a subservient, tributary state.

David Hall, MA History and Intensive Language (Korean)
[email protected]

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