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Horoscopes as SOASk Me Out posts

Aries – #SOASkMeOut6499
Are u icing me out because mercury is in retrograde
Taurus – #SOASkMeOut6491
How do you get yourself invited on the lads holiday without explicitly asking?
Gemini – #SOASkMeOut6454
Conspiracy theory: SOAS Keanu Reeves is as real as the moon landing
Cancer – #SOASkMeOut6481
I just wanna give a shout-out to the student ambassadors who are working hard to make a good impression and make sure our uni doesn’t crash and burn from poor intake.
Leo – #SOASkMeOut6478
My heart palpitates every time I see your smile </3
Virgo – #SOASkMeOut6450
Best bathrooms to cry in without having ppl talk to u or ask abt ur problems? Asking for a friend.
Libra – #SOASkMeOut6415
Guys seriously… has no one else seen the person at SOAS pretending to be an owl?
do your swahili vocab on duolingo and he’ll go away 🙂
Scorpio – #SOASkMeOut6464
some nights I’ve dreamt of
your moustache, mein gott, and a
murmured “Safavids”
Sagittarius – #SOASkMeOut6297
I think I’m pragnant 🙁
Capricorn – #SOASkMeOut6226
LR You are the hottest vegan I know
Aquarius – #SOASkMeOut6214
my heart
is protected
the password
is you
Pisces – #SOASkMeOut6081
you are
a grad scheme
at a presitigious company
i am
a soas student
who graduated
with a 2.2
and no previous experience

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