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Our Top SOAS Society Picks!

Mahek Arora, BA Development Studies and Economics

SOAS Feminist Economics Network

Are you passionate about creating a society that is more just, equitable and fair? Interested in applying a feminist lens to economic theory/policymaking? The SOAS Feminist Economics Network is a network of academics, students, practitioners and campaigners working toward a more gender-just society by seeking to further the goals of feminism in the field of economics.

We are a broad church and welcome all those who believe in gender equality. Part of our mission is to expand our own understanding of what it means to both be a feminist economist and to view economics through a feminist lens/ pluralist lens.

We are always interested in showcasing the research, thoughts and musings from our network on making the economy work for women. Contribute your ideas to our blog and join the revolution! Write to us at soasfemecon@gmail. com or dm us on IG at femeconnetwork!

We’re always available to help! If you need help formulating your ideas or would like to access a blog/article template, dm/email us and we’ll help get your idea off the ground.

The SOAS Sambatage logo (Credit: @sambatage via Twitter).


Sambatage is SOAS’s very own Samba-fusion band! We are usually found at parties, demonstrations and strikes at SOAS and beyond. We use drumming as a tool in protests. If you would like to get involved and learn to play different Bra- zilian drums, come along to a practice, every Tuesday 7 pm-9 pm in the Russell Room – no experience is required!

We frequently update our Facebook page for gigs and protests we will be playing at! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Palestinian Civil Society

Did you read the article on the Palestinian Civil Society and want to get involved? You can start by joining the Pales- tine Society and come along to some of our weekly meetings where we organise for the campaign. You can also buy one of our #BoycottHaifaU T-shirts and wear them around campus.

Or you could scan this QR code to sign their petition right now to #BoycottHaifaU!

Featured Photo Caption: The SOAS Feminist Economics Network Logo (Credit: @FemEconSoas via Twitter).

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