Refugees, Passports and Paris

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish It only took three days to formulate an excuse for another Western air force to kill hundreds of Syrian civilians. But with Raqqa being the capital of the self-declared Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham, surely there’s no problem with bombing a bunch of militants. The French government, which […]

Heated talk on ISIS sees accusations against NATO member states

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish “I’m not one for conspiracy theories”, reported Abdullah Al-Andalusi of the Muslim Debate Initiative, at an event held discussing the origins and current realities of ISIS. Al-Andalusi and his co-speaker at the event reiterated this sentiment several times throughout their speeches, claiming their assertions on the origins of the […]

Does the Political Correctness of Students’ Unions Undermine their Decisions?

  Luke McManus, BA Arabic and Social Anthropology I quite like the idea of a Students’ Union. Knowing that I can have a say in the affairs of my university makes me feel included, valued and proud of what we are – a fantastically diverse body of students that can democratically achieve great things. But […]