SOAS Goes to Lebanon

Amy Thomson, BA Social Anthropology During Reading Week (2-11 November) 13 members of SOAS Ceilidh Band, SOAS Guerrilla Choir and Soas Goes to Calais and Beyond Society, travelled to Lebanon to do solidarity volunteering work in refugee camps. This included visiting both the historic Palestinian camps (since 1948) and the more recent camps for Syrian […]

Short Story: Arriving at SOAS

Francis Martin, MA Religion in Global Politics The staircase corkscrews from the street to the underground platform and you’re climbing against gravity, circling round and round as your bag seems to grow heavier. Then it levels off, there’s a corridor, one final flight of stairs, ticket hall, barriers, and you burst onto the street, sped […]

UK Racial Profiling: My Experience as an “Abnormal” Migrant

Andrew Awad, MA International Studies and Diplomacy   42 out of 195 countries are chosen by the UK government for the compulsory “Police Registration” process. Don’t worry if you have an American, French, Scandinavian or any other “normal” nationality. I hate using the binary “normal/abnormal” but that is, in my opinion, how the UK   government categorizes […]

Dinwiddy House Intrusion Creates Student Safety Scare

Khadija Kothia, BA History An intrusion at Dinwiddy House has caused students to become anxious about security failings at the SOAS undergraduate accommodation. Students report that at 3 am on Sunday the 14th of October, a man in his twenties entered the accommodation building behind a few students, chased two female students up the staircase […]

Financial Crisis Strikes SOAS

University in financial crisis following crash in undergraduate intake By: Jude Omidiran, BA Economics & Development   SOAS management has disclosed that the university is facing a massive deficit, following a 40% collapse in undergraduate enrolment over the past two years. The Executive Board called an emergency meeting to reveal the £7.1m gap in the […]