Students Union Election Low Down

For this year’s election campaign, The SOAS Spirit provided coverage of all the major moments. We filmed hustings, interviewed candidates, and live-streamed the results. In this Features piece, we have brought together all the highlights from this year’s election. Voter turnout: This year: 1364 2018 (last year): 1207 Record turnout: 1920 Interviews with your Selected Candidates – Interviewed by Jude Omidiran What are your […]

Education About Recreational Drug Use is ‘Normalising Drug Taking’

Whilst at Boomtown festival this past summer I stumbled upon an 18-year-old boy, who’s friends had left him in his tent alone, to indulge their hedonism. Immediately I could see that something wasn’t right with him. He was not ok, and on further conversation it was discovered that he had taken 5 grams of speed (amphetamine) and hadn’t […]