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The Harvey Weinstein Mania

  • Opinion

By Naela Cruz (BA Studies of Religions and World Philosophies)

There is nothing surprising about a sexual predator lurking behind the scenes of Hollywood. The Harvey Weinstein mania hardly shocks many of those who are aware of sexual assaults that happen every day at work, school, and practically everywhere else.

The main pattern that seems to be present, aside from carnal abuse, is the bystanders that allow these acts to continuously happen. In addition to the women who are coming forward because of the behaviour they have encountered from Weinstein, there are also those who come forward and admit they knew what was going on, but did not do anything about it.

For example, Quentin Tarantino told the New York Times “there was more to it than just the normal rumours”. So why did he not come forward then? Tarantino does not seem to be a shadow of a figure. All can agree that he has as powerful of a presence as that of Weinstein. Nonetheless there are many examples of people who choose to remain uninvolved in sexual assaults. This alarmingly occurs repeatedly within the circles that are dominated by powerful individuals.

If we look back to the Jimmy Savile scandal, there is no doubt that people stood by. Why? we ask. Are people scared? Are they terrified of the sexual predator that they visibly see abusing another being or do they want their career to stay in perfect structure? There seems to be no conclusive answer.

However, those who are victimised should never be let down by those who can come forward. As a diabolic sexual perpetrator commits unlawful acts, being a bystander to these acts still allows for unlawful acts such as those that Weinstein committed to take place.

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