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The Phenomenon of the Swift Society

By Sofia Baruffaldi, BA International Relations 

Founded at the beginning of 2023, the Swift Society – aka SwiftSoc – has been turning heads recently with its popular events. So how did it start and what prompted its foundation? The underlying idea that pushed Amal Abubakar, the President of the society, to create SwiftSoc was the need for a community where people who shared a common interest could build friendships, get together, and have fun. The choice of the pop icon – Taylor Swift – and the absence of a pop music society at SOAS made SwiftSoc a refreshing addition to the myriad societies offered by the SU.

Friendship Bracelet Event

The events hosted in the second half of the last academic year were mainly concerned with music. For instance, the first society event was a karaoke night, attended by a whopping forty students. This year, Amal has stated that the society is slightly shifting its focus towards community building; part of a larger aim to build an even more solid fraternity which offers a platform for people who struggle to make friends to get to know other students. This can be seen through their most recent events. For example, the year began with the ‘build your friendship bracelets’ event which brought 70 students together to spend their afternoon vibing to great music, getting to know each other and making cute jewellery. 

Study group during reading week

Although the society is quite popular, it still offers more intimate events to accommodate students who dislike crowds. For instance, the two November study sessions in the Senate House Library allowed members to find study buddies, share snacks, and enjoy reading week, whilst still being productive. 

Furthermore, SwiftSoc has provided many opportunities to get tickets, both to the Eras Movie and to the Eras Tour, by connecting people through their WhatsApp group chat. All the activities and opportunities that SwiftSoc can provide are impressive, especially considering the short life the society has had.  

 “At this point, it is clear that SwiftSoc never misses a beat when it comes to planning great events and with their amazing plans for the next month, it’s prime time for newcomers to get involved.

Lastly, the society usually announces the events every month but its President, Amal, has provided a glimpse into its future plans. In December, SwiftSoc aims to organise a pottery painting event to allow its members to de-stress from the pressures of the end of term, and will also provide an opportunity to make a cute Christmas present for their loved ones. Furthermore, on the 13th, the society will host a ticketed quiz night in collaboration with the Taylor Swift Societies of UCL, KCL, and Imperial, with an expected attendance of roughly 100 people. At this point, it is clear that SwiftSoc never misses a beat when it comes to planning great events, and it’s always open for more students to join.

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