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ULU votes to boycott Remembrance Service

The University of London Union’s (ULU) Senate voted to boycott the University’s Remembrance Service at a meeting held last month.

According to the motion, which passed with nine votes in favour and five abstentions, ULU officers could not attend the Remembrance Service to represent the Union, but were permitted to attend in a personal capacity.

The SOAS Spirit understands that no ULU officers were planning to attend the Service before the motion was passed. The decision follows controversy last year when ULU Vice-President Daniel Cooper refused to attend on behalf of students.

Speaking after the motion was passed, President Michael Chessum said: “Personally, I will commemorate the dead killed in war by fighting for peace and challenging the policies of governments, not by standing next to war criminals like Tony Blair on plinths, pretending that these acts are ‘triumphant’.”

SOAS is represented at Senate by Co-President David East who voted in favour of the motion.


Tom King

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