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Why I like Trump

Yes, I heard when you said, “Who is this idiot?” just after reading the headline. Well, I am a twenty-something postgraduate student who loves politics but has very little idea about American politics, and no idea whatsoever about state policies of America. This piece is not about Trump and his poolcies. I consider myself inept to comment on President Trump’s policies to make ‘Make America Great Again’, and to also comment on why the American citizens (don’t know the statistics) don’t want him as their President. I am sure many of you would have already considered me incompetent to comment by just reading the headline. The thought behind writing this piece is a bit philosophical, it’s about extracting positivity out of Trump. Yes, I heard you say ‘ is guy is insane.’ Allow me to explain myself.

I believe in the idea that no person can be one hundred percent awed. There always is that 1% of goodness that a person possesses which can be intentional or unintentional. President Trump surely has no intention to allow the world to tap into positivity of his because that is what he is most scared of. Negativity fuels him. That is what got him the Presidency. Sorry President, I have found out the positive treasure of yours which makes me like you, and I am going to persuade your naysayers to even like you more.

No political background

For me, a complete political outsider becoming the President is a positive sign.

He is an outsider. True, a rich businessman who surely must have held political links, but nevertheless a person who has never held any political office in his life, and directly became the POTUS. The latter fact has been discussed a lot by his naysayers. Personally, I don’t believe in the argument that a political background is necessary to become the head of a state. The merits and demerits of the same can be argued. For me, a complete political outsider, becoming the President is a positive sign. Yes, I would have been a lot happier if a not so rich person would have become the President. That would have been a bigger triumph.

Politically incorrect

One thing I am sure each one of you will agree on with me is the fact that President Trump has proved that ‘political correctness is a myth’. Being politically correct was till now believed to be pre-requisite to succeed in politics, not anymore. Yes, political incorrectness, especially the type President Trump advocates, causes sentimental breakdowns and increases a lot of political hatred. But the positive aspect of it is that it makes the said politician a lot more transparent. We as the public knew what Mr. Trump stood for, and then he got voted as the President. This is unlike most of the politicians in the world, who use political correctness to fool the people and then show their true intent once voted to power.


I haven’t seen a more humorous politician than President Trump. Yes, my home country India has its fair share of politicians who can give a tough a fight to the President in this category, but for me, POTUS takes the lead – unlike all the opinion polls. First thing I do in the morning is going through President Trump’s twitter timeline to start my day with a good laugh. I swear to God I do that. And when I say I swear to God I mean it because that’s the most convenient thing we Indians do. I like his juvenile, knee-jerk, raw responses on Twitter through which I guess he makes the majority of his govern- ment’s decision public. Come on, which head of a state ever has or will give a nuclear threat out on twitter. I know that’s not funny, but it is funny.


Trump is an example of both the triumph of democracy and flaw of democracy. Tri- umph because a non-political person and an outsider whom a majority of elites opposed, still managed to win because people who believed in him, which according to reports were a large number of working-class people, outnumbered the elites and voted him to power. Flaw because democracy doesn’t guarantee a strong, sensible leadership and government. If not for democracy, President Trump and his antics wouldn’t have been there today. Though let me make it clear, that I am not advocating any other regime type being better than democracy. My simple point is just that democracy too is not one hundred percent perfect, and President Trump is the biggest example of that.


We have to mess with his head and that mop of his orange hair. This can be done with positivity and love. This for me is the biggest positive of President Trump. I can’t think of any world leader in the recent past who has united the world so strongly. Albeit in Trumps’ case, he has managed to unite many in the world against him and his policies. He has got us thinking and discussing on many important issues. At the time when the world was slowly disintegrating, I believe Trump’s arrival has integrated the world once again on some common topics of concern. Issues like sexual harassment, gender discrimination, right for ethnic minorities etc. are common in probably each and every country. Post Trump’s arrival, an integrated discussion of these issues has started around the world. at is a big positive sign. Being an Indian, Trump’s statements and policies get me thinking, and no, that has got nothing to with the H-1B visa. There are many like me sitting in different parts of the world who have got thinking unitedly on many common world issues.

In some part of India, some local auto rickshaw drivers quote a ridiculous amount of money when you ask them for the amount of money they will charge to take you from place A to place B. They do this to mess with the commuters knowing that we won’t agree with their quoted amount and will argue. This for them is a form of entertainment. So what I sometimes do is that as soon as they quote a ridiculous amount, I just agree. This for them is an unexpected response. is messes up their head. is is exactly what has to be done with someone like Trump. We have to mess with his head and that mop of his orange hair. is can be done with positivity and love. Negativity fuels him, positivity will make him stop and think. We have to make him think. In all probability, we have to deal with him for next three years. We can’t remain negative for next three years. Why not try a different approach to counter this negativity? Let us all get some positivity out of Mr. Trump. Let us all mess up with
his head and bring calmness to ours. Let us all show President Trump that our heart is bigger than his.

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