15 Questions With Director Amos

Interviewed by Khadija Kothia Baroness Valerie Amos has been the Director of SOAS since 2015. The questions below are a compilation of student submissions, issues relating to current campus discussions, and personal questions about the director herself.  1. How will the financial situation affect current students? It won’t. We have a short-term cash issue and a longer-term problem with the […]

UK Racial Profiling: My Experience as an “Abnormal” Migrant

Andrew Awad, MA International Studies and Diplomacy   42 out of 195 countries are chosen by the UK government for the compulsory “Police Registration” process. Don’t worry if you have an American, French, Scandinavian or any other “normal” nationality. I hate using the binary “normal/abnormal” but that is, in my opinion, how the UK   government categorizes […]

Few Answers Materialise in Controversy Around SOAS’ Rare Buddha Statue

Caren Holmes, MA Postcolonial Studies In March 2018, SOAS accepted a controversial gift from American alumni, Mary and Paul Slawson. The gift, a 13th-century Thai sculpture, housed within the Brunei Gallery, is estimated to be worth more than €60,000 but lacks documentation of its transactional history. Dr Angela Chiu, who has a PhD in Thai […]

The Erasure of Black History at SOAS

This is an open letter to all students at my university. To start off Black History Month,  I want to address the failures surrounding Black History in an institutional setting. SOAS has an excellent track record of omitting central points of its history, a history which has paved the way for the campaigns we advocate […]

It is not overpopulation that is killing our planet, it is overconsumption.

Every year the Global Footprint Network calculates the Earth Overshoot Day or Earth Debt Day. This is the date that marks when humanity’s resource consumption for the year had exceeded Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. In 1987, the first year in which the EOD was calculated, the date of this surplus was […]

Decolonising the Curriculum: Students’ Union Priorities

Ella Linskens, BA Arabic  The results of the strategic priorities referendum places Decolonising the Curriculum as the Students’ Union number one priority. This result, alongside current movements such as Rhodes Must Fall and ‘Why Is My Curriculum White?” indicate a growing activism which questions remnants of colonialism within the university. Zain Dada, the SU Activities […]