The winning entry of the ‘Enough is Enough: Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week’ poetry competition

By: Anonymous Memories of that moment remain suspended around me like fractured glass Twelve I The first time it happened, I had walked with his crying wife, she wasn’t sure she would ever be a mother. I reassured her she could play dress up with me  for as long as she liked. She laughed, but […]

Issue 4 Poetry

A Mark Your palm was in my gaze from a road full of fingerprints The tension of your thighs and walk I felt you You felt me too I saw you take your deep breathe as you made your mark on my heart with those deep brown night eyes I saw you You saw me […]

Issue 1 Poetry

شُكُوكِي فِي حَبَنًا فِي الصَّبَاحِ، أُحِبُّكَ لَكِنْ فِي المَسَاءِ، لَا أَفْهَمْنا. أَذْهَبُ إِلَى قَلْبِكَ دَائِمًا، لِمَاذَا أَنَا لَا أَسْعَدُ الآنَ؟ فِي المَسَاءِ، أشتهركَ لَكِنْ فِي الصَّبَاحِ، لَا أَثِقُ بِنَا. أُسَافِرُ إِلَى غُرْفَتِكَ دَائِمًا،   لِمَاذَا أَنَا مَعَ القَلَقِ الآن؟   Translation: My Doubts of Our Love In the morning, I love you but in the […]