What We Search For Online Reveals A Lot

By Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology I have often wondered why people are fascinated by computer screens when they are in public spaces. When a stranger, or a neighbour in your hostel, stands behind you to peer over your computer screen it is as though he has never seen a computer screen in his life! […]

Triyoga in Soho

By Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology The thought of twisting one’s torso to the ‘extreme’ right or at an angle one is not familiar with at all suddenly conjures up emotions and thoughts lurking at the back of the mind. Yoga offers a momentary release as well as an uncomfortable and then later, comfortable, pull […]

New Media and Hindu Gurus

By Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology In colonial times, there were reports on Hindu gurus in Eastern and Western newspapers, but these were not what pulled devotees to visit—to use Max Weber’s term—”charismatic leaders” as such. Major Chadwick would not have known the great sage of Thiruvannamalai, Ramana Maharishi, if it were not for the obstreperousness […]

Is anthropology a comedy?

By Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social AnthropologyIn terms of explicit humour, anthropologists do not go out into the field to tickle their informants’ bellies, or to say “Coochie, coochie coo!” to babies on the street, or to crack jokes with the biggies in the business. We are serious intellectuals, with little television presence. We secretly want […]

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls- A not so happily ever after.

By Khadija Kothia, BA History Fairy-tales. The classic story of the helpless princess, locked up and waiting to be saved by her handsome, golden-haired Prince Charming. A story unavoidable in childhood, and in an increasingly gender-equal society, a tale somewhat unsatisfactorily anachronistic against the barrage of increasing feminist campaigns. Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli aim […]

SOAS Drama presents: Spring Awakening

Teens, sex, music, dance and… a dystopic society? Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening (1891) premiered in 1906 Berlin amidst a climate of rising feminist movements in Germany. Anarchist and political activist Emma Goldman praised the show for addressing pertinent social issues around youth and sexuality: More boldly than any other dramatist Wedekind has laid bare the […]