Poetry is Peng – November

Day Break I will remember A comic introduction to the contents of my refrigerator Talk of a watermelon shaped like a cube An invitation to a spontaneous date, in Chinatown! how fitting! – to a den named Opium, and us, snacking on dimsum nearing midnight. The bright blue of your cashmere jumper peeked from above […]

When I saw Luke McManus’ piece, Does the Political Correctness of Students’ Unions Undermine their Decisions? in the online edition of the SOAS Spirit, I almost stopped reading there and then. The juxtaposition of an attack on the ‘Political Correctness’ of unions with a picture of the train tracks at Auschwitz was so outrageous that […]

Why has money run out for the World Food Programme and Syrian refugees?

Luke McManus, BA Arabic and Social Anthropology  On the 1st of December, the World Food Program (WFP) was forced to suspend its food aid scheme for more than 1.6 million Syrian refugees because of a funding crisis, citing the need for an extra $64m before the operation could be restarted. This news could not have […]

“Freeze prices, not people!” say students

Clare Birkett, MSc Environment, Politics and Development Last Friday, SOAS students joined around 200 people in central London at a protest against rocketing energy prices and their devastating effects on students, pensioners and other vulnerable groups. The protest was timed to coincide with the release of a government report which estimated that there were 18,200 excess […]

Ghavami released on bail pending appeal

Tom King, BA Politics Former SOAS Student Ghoncheh Ghavami has been released on bailing while she awaits a Court of Appeal hearing. Last month her lawyer claimed to have seen legal papers stating she had been found guilty of the charge of propaganda against the state and was to be sentenced to a year in […]