Why this House is United

Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology One of the principle behaviours animating the House of Commons, in which exists the incessant use of sophisticated language intertwined with that wondrous British upper-class humour, is the absolute negation of bellicose promulgations. As spin machines outside the Commons controlled by both leftist and rightist media outlets pronounce on matters […]

Lawsuit Launched Against President Donald Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

Noor Mandviwalla, LLB On 15 February, Donald Trump took his stance on the ‘build a wall’ campaign to an extreme by declaring a national emergency under the National Emergencies Act of 1976. Additionally, through an Executive Order, the Trump Administration announced that $6.7 billion, in addition to federal funding, was set to be allocated for […]

UNISON Commits to Strike Action in the Case of Compulsory Redundancies

Yasmin Elsouda, BA International Relations Once again the possibility of strike action, as a result of One Professional Services (OPS) restructuring, emerges. On 11 February, the SOAS branch of UNISON published the results of its consultative Ballot on strike action “in the event of compulsory redundancies resulting from the One Professional Service Restructure process”. With […]

Attempted Coup in Gabon

Ines Rodier, BA Politics and Development On the 7 January, at 4:30 am, a group of junior officers from the presidential guard declared on the national TV station that they had seized power of the Gabonese regime. A few hours later, the government announced that it had neutralised the soldiers involved in the coup and […]

EURO 2024 awarded to Germany

Yet again, Turkey misses out on the chance to host Euros. Last week UEFA announced that Germany will host the European Football Championship of 2024. The votes were 12-4 in favour of Germany and at the cost of Turkey. This continued Turkey’s string of bad luck, as the country has never organized a large football […]