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LSE rugby scandal: online reaction

Source: LSESU

LSE has disbanded its men’s rugby team after they handed out offensive leaflets during freshers’ fayre and people have taken to Twitter to share their views.


LSE Law student Darren Barnett backed LSESU’s decision.

Journalist and former KCL – which was dubbed “Strand Polytechnic” in the leaflets – sabbatical officer Natasha Wynarczyk was impressed with LSE, less so with the rugby club. 

Labour MP Stella Creasy, who received a PhD from LSE, said the decision was “powerful”.

Goldsmith Student’s Union President Howard Littler gave his support.

And Sussex SU sabbatical officer Michael Segalov said others needed to follow the example set by LSESU and its General Secretary, Nona Buckley-Irvine.

There was also praise for Buckley-Irvine from alum John Ringer.

But a former player was less pleased with the news.

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