Kamaishi in Recovery: Rugby restores hope after the 2011 tsunami

The city of Kamaishi, in North-eastern Japan, has a brand new 16,187 seat rugby stadium. While this might seem unremarkable, the Recovery Memorial Stadium has a significant symbolic value to the people of Kamaishi, perhaps none more so than 61-year-old resident Jiro Ishiyama. Back in the 1980s, Ishiyama represented the Nippon Steel rugby side based […]

The Flavour of Japanese Bureaucracy

Theo Cohn, BA International Relations and Chinese The place I grew up in is a land with a famously unique culture where obscure, if not bizarre, traditions remain to this day. Japan’s conservative and proud reluctance to fully align many of its practices with the west, makes it difficult for occidentals to swallow. Nevertheless, its peculiarity […]