Great ‘As Is’: A Review of SOAS Drama Society’s Winter Performance

Katherine Suzette Vizcaino, MSc Violence Conflict & Development “Rich is so terrified of the path to his death that he is constantly trying to push everyone away, while simultaneously being terrified of being alone.” The play ‘As Is’, written by William M. Hoffman, gives a view into the explosion of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the […]

Film Review: Black Sheep

Sumayyah Daisy Lane, BA History The Guardian commissioned documentary “Black Sheep” follows the story of Cornelius Walker, a boy whose entire life changed with one of the UK’s most high-profile deaths in 2000 — Damilola Taylor. The same age as Taylor, Cornelius lived a stone’s throw from the victim and is also of Nigerian descent. […]

Ian Hislop Brings Dissent to The British Museum

By-line: Khadija Kothia, BA History Photo Credit: Khadija Kothia The discourse surrounding institutions such as The British Museum has been brought into the spotlight over the past few months. It was interesting to see an exhibition centred on political dissent in a museum under so much controversy for its role in upholding imperial power. Ian […]

Crazy Rich Asians: All Glitz and Glamour?

Glitzy, glamorous, and as glorious as the trailer claimed, this summer’s feel-good Crazy Rich Asians took the world by storm. The adaptation of Singaporean author Kevin Kwan’s book is an all-Asian romantic comedy à la Pride and Prejudice with a dash of Great Gatsby flair. The movie follows Rachel (Constance Wu), our unassuming Chinese-American protagonist, […]