Bloody Tomatoes in Brexit Times

Camilla Macciani, MA Migration and Diaspora Studies Walking through Tesco’s corridors, as the day of Brexit gets closer, many might think of what will be left on the shelves after the UK leaves the European Union. With still uncertain trade arrangements, supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys do not yet know which suppliers will be […]

A Party Divided

Frances Everett, BA International Relations and Development Studies The Labour Party has recently been faced with the long rumoured departure of numerous MPs from the party, who have styled themselves as ‘The Independent Group’. On 18 February, seven MPs announced the move as a protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party, including his stance […]

Number of Applications for Irish Passports Skyrocket Ahead of Brexit Deal

Kitty Walsh, BA History and World Philosophies Since Britain voted to leave the European Union in the summer of 2016, applications for Irish passports have skyrocketed. Prior to June’s referendum, the number of applications averaged approximately 46,000 in 2015, a figure that doubled to 81,000 in 2017 and is predicted to increase. One in five […]

Are We Heading Towards a No-deal Brexit?

Caroline Hilgers, BA International Relations and Social Anthropology After the historic vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal deal in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening, 15 January, the future of the UK and Brexit is more uncertain than ever. May’s devastating defeat of 432 votes against her deal was ironically celebrated by hard Brexiteers as […]

Number of Applications for Irish Passports Skyrockets Ahead of Brexit Deal

Kitty Walsh, BA History and World Philosophies Photo credit: Creative Commons Pull quote: “Amanda Coakley wrote for the Irish Times that “citizenship of my country should be more than a flag of convenience for the Brits”, urging those seeking passports to base their decision on Irish cultural heritage rather than utility alone.” Since Britain voted […]