My parents recall being warned about climate change. They were told to be ecologically conscious, for their actions were shaping the planet they were leaving behind for their grandchildren. Today, this future is much nearer than they thought. My parents, and even my grandparents, will live through the consequences of our hyper-consumerist, irresponsible lifestyles. Indeed, […]

“Freeze prices, not people!” say students

Clare Birkett, MSc Environment, Politics and Development Last Friday, SOAS students joined around 200 people in central London at a protest against rocketing energy prices and their devastating effects on students, pensioners and other vulnerable groups. The protest was timed to coincide with the release of a government report which estimated that there were 18,200 excess […]

SOAS agrees fossil fuel investment freeze

Tom King, BA Politics SOAS’ Fossil Free campaign has celebrated a partial victory after the School agreed to a freeze on new investments in fossil fuel companies while the possibility of divesting from the industry is explored. The School’s finance committee will take a decision on whether to continue investing in companies such as Shell, […]