Scrap Trident, Start Nuclear Disarmament

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Joe Dunne, BA Politics How could I forget that quiet Which descended over a city of three hundred thousand? The calm How could I forget those pleas Of a dying wife and child Emitted through the whiteness of their eyes, Piercing our minds and souls – Sankichi Toge, August Sixth The above is an extract Read More

The Reinvigoration of SOAS Labour

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Harry Wise, BA Politics It’s a Friday night at SOAS and there’s a party going on at SOAS. There’s pizza, coke and Cadbury Roses on offer and music blaring from the speakers. More than 30 SOAS students are packed into a room to celebrate and discuss politics. The mood is one of joviality. Everybody is Read More

Is the president of Indonesia really listening to Napalm Death?

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Jake Leyland, MSc Globalisation and Development What is the connection between the president of Indonesia and a grindcore band? Jake Leyland explains all. The Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, AKA Widodo, or ‘Jokowi’, is a refreshing figure in the political history of Indonesia. He is the first successful presidential candidate from outside the tight-knit political and Read More

What can we learn from the rise of Syriza?

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Sparsh Pandya, BA South Asian Studies The European political zeitgeist has undoubtedly been gripped by austerity. This is not an illogical phenomenon by any means – since the 2008 financial crisis, harsh austerity measures have been carried out by governments all over Europe. These measures have been facilitated by the ‘Troika’ – the International Monetary Read More