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Scrap Trident, Start Nuclear Disarmament

Joe Dunne, BA Politics How could I forget that quiet Which descended over a city of three hundred thousand? The calm How could I forget those pleas Of a dying wife and child Emitted...

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The Reinvigoration of SOAS Labour

Harry Wise, BA Politics It’s a Friday night at SOAS and there’s a party going on at SOAS. There’s pizza, coke and Cadbury Roses on offer and music blaring from the speakers. More than...

Alexis Tsipras, Leader of Syriza. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / FrangiscoDer 0

What can we learn from the rise of Syriza?

Sparsh Pandya, BA South Asian Studies The European political zeitgeist has undoubtedly been gripped by austerity. This is not an illogical phenomenon by any means – since the 2008 financial crisis, harsh austerity measures...