The Costs of Peace-Seeking: Academics Under Attack

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Anonymous ‘Turkey should be proud of the peace declaration signatories,”’ said Noam Chomsky last week, referring to 1128 academics that have lost their jobs, been banned from leaving the country, interrogated and detained for signing a petition named ‘we will not be a party to this crime.’ The petition calls for an end to Turkey’s Read More

London Academics Extend Solidarity to Academics, Kurds Under Siege

2 years ago Mel Plant 0
Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish This Friday, SOAS Students’ Union co-hosted an open meeting with the SOAS UCU and Unison branches, extending solidarity to Turkish and Kurdish academics in Turkey who have come under investigation for their ‘Academics for Peace‘ petition. The meeting comes a week after the Students’ Union released a statement in Read More

Students of SOAS Commemorate Armenian-Turkish Journalist

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Lara Şarlak, MA Anthropology of Media Yesterday, the death of Hrant Dink, an Armenian-Turkish journalist who was assassinated by a Turkish ultra-nationalist 9 years ago, was commemorated in front of the SOAS main building. SOAS students of Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish descent gathered in order to take a photograph in his memory, holding letters that Read More

Turkish Media Prepares for Further Crackdown After Elections

2 years ago Atika Dawood 0
Lara Sarlak, MA Anthropology and Media The results of the previous Turkish general elections in June 2015 had many people carried away by the illusion of possible change. A pro-minority party, the HDP, had managed to pass the arbitrary electoral threshold and Erdoğan’s AKP had finally had its majority displaced. Yet over the past few months, Erdoğan has been extremely consistent in frightening the peoples of Turkey: Read More

Turbulent Times Await, as Turkey Heads Toward Re-Elections

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Anonymous On 7th June Turkey elected its 550 members of parliament, the 25th in the history of the Republic. The general elections, for the first time in Turkish history, triumphed and gave Kurdish and minority citizens a voice in parliament. HDP (The People’s Democratic Party), a conglomeration of Kurdish parties and independents now also constituted Read More

‘I Would Rather Die Than Stay In Turkey’

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This is what one of my Syrian friends told me as he waited for a smuggler to take him to Greece. This is a personal report of life against the odds in Turkey. This article is anonymously written and all names have been changed. The hotel room’s air conditioning is hardly strong, but it’s a relief from Read More